If you like the information so far about the Market America Shop.com Unfranchise Business, and you don’t quite understand why this works better than multilevel marketing (MLM) companies, the videos below should help.

Video 1 of 3: Difference Between “Horizontal” and “Vertical” Marketing

Video 2 of 3: More Info On “Horizontal” and “Vertical” Marketing

Video 3 of 3: Very Detailed Info on Why This Works Better Than MLM


A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau

30+ years of consecutive growth without a down quarter, even with the recession and COVID

• Product Brokerage concept allows you to offer 2500 exclusive products and services plus millions more through Shop.com, and you only have to focus on the products that interest you.

• Unique Vertical Marketing pays 4-5 times more for the exact same amount of volume compared to traditional MLM

• No levels, no percentages, no reaching into each others’ pockets to get a piece of their income (or anyone getting a piece of your income).

• Everyone on your team gets 100% credit for all volume generated to infinity, and because of that, there is teamwork and synergy rather than competition.

• Start your business for less than the cost of a smart phone. Is it worth investing this amount to earn $300-$3600/week ($187,000/year) forever? You decide.

To Your Success,

Ani, Your Unfranchise Business Partner & Coach